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Canada’s premier arts town. City which was settled by English, Irish, Scottish and German immigrants, starting in the 1820s

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 Stratford is a city on the Avon River within Perth County in southwestern Ontario, Canada, with a 2016 population of 31,465

Victorian buildings dot the city, including Stratford City Hall and the Perth County Courthouse. The city’s many parks and gardens include the Shakespearean Gardens, with plants mentioned in the playwright’s works. Gallery Stratford displays primarily Canadian art.

The city has a rich cultural heritage with many attractions that provide an opportunity to learn about the area's past. Whether you are spending an hour or a day in Stratford, there are plenty of things to see and do. Stratford has a rich heritage as one of Canada's premier theatre centres. It's also home to Bluewater Shopping Centre which is a popular tourist destination for shoppers from both sides of the border.

It's famous for outdoor activities and its theatre festival, but there's so much more to see and do here. If you're looking for a bucket list type of place to visit, this is it. Check out these fun places to go: -Explore downtown Stratford and have a bite at the restaurants or shops.

  • -Visit the Perth County Museum & Archives and learn about everything from local history to dinosaurs.
  • -Check out the Avon Theatre Festival - one of the biggest theatre festivals in Canada! You can also see performances there year-round too!
  • -Take a trip on one of many scenic trails for some outdoor adrenaline rush!
  • -Visit Stratford's top brewery, and learn about how beer is made first hand.

Areas of interests:

  • Shakespearean Gardens
  • Arthur Meighen Gardens
  • Millennium Park.
  • Downtown
  • City Hall




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