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Rosetta McClain Gardens,Toronto

Picturesque park with rose gardens, a rock fountain surrounded by a pergola & views of Lake Ontario.

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Another beautiful quiet hidden gem in a city rested on top of bluffs

Park is ideal place for wedding photographers due to its settings. There are various backdrops: rock fountain, gazebo, rose garden and ivy-covered trellises, flower beds and birds view on lake Ontario. 

Average time to spend is about 1-1,5 hour. 

Parking is free, but parking lot is not big and getting busy on weekends.  

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Know the regulations and special concerns for the area you'll visit, leave what you find, respect nature, enviroment and wildlife!

Have you visited this place? If you have any corrections or new information you'd like to share, we'd love your input. Also any photos or videos you may have taken of your adventures on this  are welcome as well. Leave some tips and useful information in comments.

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