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Kasprowy Wierch, PL

1,987-m. mountain in Polish Tatra, accessed by cable car & a popular destination for skiing & hiking with beautiful vista of the High Tatras and Zakopane

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From the height of nearly 2000 m  the peak offers a magnificent panorama of the gentle hills of the Red Peaks and the much sharper pinnacles of the High Tatras (including Świnica and Orla Perć). From its summit you can also see Giewont, with its cross and the legendary knights, sleeping somewhere within the rocks; the favourite destination of many tourist trips.

To get on top you can use cable car, it takes about 20 minutes to get there. Each tickets valid for 1 hour and 40 minutes to stay on Kasprowy Wierch and then return with same ticket wihtout line.

Best is to order tickets online for specific time slot in advance, but you will still need stay in line to cable car, and in average it can take up to 2-3 hours waiting your turn, especially in peak time. Wihtout advance reservation it can take much longer. The cable car station is located in Kuznice (upper part of Zakopane)

Hiking on foot will take about 2.5 hours (shortest route is about 8 km) with some steep and rocky path closer to top. You can hike one way and return by cable car or other way around.

The mountain is very popular among hikers from Poland side, because of its easy accessibility, both on foot and by the cable car.

Tickets for the Kasprowy Wierch cable-car are also entry tickets to the Tatra National Park if you visiting it same day.

In winter, Kasprowy Wierch is a true alpine ski resort, reaching an elevation of 1987 metres and offering the best black runs in Poland.

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Know the regulations and special concerns for the area you'll visit, leave what you find, respect nature, enviroment and wildlife!

Have you visited this place? If you have any corrections or new information you'd like to share, we'd love your input. Also any photos or videos you may have taken of your adventures on this  are welcome as well. Leave some tips and useful information in comments.

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