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Scarborough Bluffs Park, Toronto

Bluffers Park is a jewel of Scarborough's waterfront. Hike up to a scenic lookout or go for a walk along the Bluffers Park Trail. During summer enjoy picnics or swimming on series nice beaches.

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Scarborough Bluffs or Bluffers Park is located at the foot of Brimley Road in Scarborough. The bluffs have been formed primarily by erosion of the packed clay soil.  At their highest point, the Bluffs rise 90 metres (300 feet) above the waterfront. 

 It features various recreational hiking and walking trails, as well as picnic tables, fire pits, places to pitch a tent, parking lots, a restaurant, and a large marina with a boating club. There are two parking lots at Bluffers Park and one parking lot at Bluffer’s Beach. It costs $1.50/half hour to park at any of the parking lots.

If you want see bluffs from top there is a small Scarborough Crescent Park, where you’ll see the best views overlooking Lake Ontario.

From Caudia 

Being Toronto's most appealing beach, it has tens of thousands of years of earth history in the bluffs. 

During summer it become very busy during weekends, its a popular place for families and friends gathering for picnics. Total, there are nine parks along the bluffs.



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