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Abkhazi Garden, BC

The garden that love built.

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The Abkhazi Garden is an exquisite heritage home and garden located in Victoria, British Columbia, a city known for its wonderful gardens.  Created by Prince and Princess Abkhazi in 1946 it features native Garry oaks, Japanese Maples and rhododendrons. 

."The garden is blessed with dramatic glaciated rocky slopes, magnificent native Garry oaks and gorgeous vistas. The garden flows around the rock, taking advantage of deeper pockets of soil for conifers, Japanese maples and rhododendrons which over the last 50 years have grown to an impressive maturity.  Carpets of naturalized bulbs, choice alpines and woodland companions provide interest throughout the year to the discerning plantsman, but it is the overall design that leaves the greatest impression."

After exploring the garden, visit the tea house and have afternoon tea while overlooking the natural beauty of the garden

The Teahouse at Abkhazi Garden is open:

October through March 

  • Wed–Sun, 11am–5pm

​April through September 

  • Tuesday - Sunday, 11am–5pm

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