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Dorset Lookout Tower, ON

Enjoy breathtaking 360 degree view from the observation deck over Lake of Bays from the tree-top or ground level lookouts.

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Popular tourist attraction with more than 600 vehicles to visit in apeak days during fall season.

Facilities include picnic sites, restrooms, a tourist information kiosk, a gift shop and a hiking trail. 

Because parking is limited during busiest time there is some-times a waiting time. To avoid long line ups during the fall colour season it is recommended that you visit the tower during the week. Free parking is available at the baseball diamond on Main Street, as well as the parkette located on Highway 35. From both of these areas it is easy access to the walking trail that leads to the tower from the base of Tower Hill, just behind the Dorset Heritage Museum.


Walk-Up $5.50
Car $16.50

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