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Humber Bay Arch Bridge, Toronto

Iconic landmark in Toronto West, and popular spot for video and photo shoots.

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Bridge is part of the Martin Goodman Trail and is 139 metres in length, with a clear span of 100 metres over the Humber River

The First Nation influence is reflected in the geometric patterns in the ribbed arches, alluding to the Thunderbird, one of the most common spirits in First Nations culture. Bridge sits on top of a heavily travelled trading route used by First Nations for more than two hundred years and played a key role in Canada’s development and history. This route allowed First Nations people to gain access to Lake Simcoe and Georgian Bay. The top of the bridge displays the Thunderbird, an important symbol to First Nations people. 

"The bridge forms an important pedestrian, recreational and commuter cyclist link, and carries the Waterfront Trail, a multi-use pathway that will eventually parallel the entire north shore of Lake Ontario. The Toronto section is known as the Martin Goodman Trail, and is one of the most popular pedestrian and cycling routes in the city."

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