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Little Canada, Toronto

Little Canada is a journey of discovery through a vast, highly detailed and animated miniature attraction. From captivating vistas to famous landmarks, iconic cityscapes and little stories, explore and celebrate Canada under one roof, in the heart of downtown Toronto.

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Newly opened Toronto tourist attraction, Little Canada is miniature world of journey and discovery of the great country, 

Each composition reflects and remind you something unique about Canada or tributes to people who made Canada as it today. Maple syrup in Quebec, Honest Edd in Toronto,  Light show on Parliament building in Ottawa, traffic on highways and everyhting made with much attention and details. 

For launch in 2021, it opened with 5 destinations, which include destinations such as Little Niagara, Little Toronto and Little Ottawa, Little Quebec and Golden Horseshoe.. It reflects different seasons, Canadian culture and few famous landmarks, some of them are not exist anymore. Immersive changes from day to night, small details like noises, voices make it very live and realistic. 

Future destinations will include Little North, Rocky and West Coast, East Coast, Montreal and Prairies. 

As part of experience, for separate cost, you can make your own little figure (Little Me) and it can be placed on location of your your choice with one copy given to your. 

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