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Graffiti Alley, Toronto

  • WWW: Graffiti Alley, Toronto
  • +1 416-392-2489
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A fantastic place to see murals and colorful street art, And don't forget bring camera!

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Located within Toronto’s Fashion District, Graffiti Alley runs south of Queen Street from Spadina Avenue to Portland Avenue in an alleyway known as Rush Lane and its claimed be one of the most "instagrammed" spots in a city.

Today, Graffiti Alley is a popular backdrop for photoshoots  and must-see stop for tourists , 

Somthing, called Instatour, Instagram-based projects stitches together 1,300 separate posts to create the longest continuous Instagram photo in the world. Check youe self at graffitialley.to, Turn your phone side way and scroll a wall. 

Evevry year there are new murals put on display, as artists are regularly painting over with new creations. 

Best time to visit is May through October, on warmer days, but you can still visit at any time as it's open 24/7. 


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Know the regulations and special concerns for the area you'll visit, leave what you find, respect nature, enviroment and wildlife!

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