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"We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure."

Chedoke Falls, Hamilton

Scenic urban ribbon waterfalls with 18 m drop
| RedLinia | Waterfalls

Princess Falls, Hamilton

Princess Falls is a 7-metre ribbon/plunge waterfall found near the Chedoke Radial Trail in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Best viewed after a heavy rai...
| RedLinia | Waterfalls

Albion Falls, Hamilton

Beautiful picturesque 19-m. cascade waterfall in Hamilton’s east end.
| RedLinia | Waterfalls

Recollet Falls, French River, ON

Low and wide cascade, over 100 m wide waterfalls with scenic trail from visitor center through French River gorge, make you realize what Canada is ...
| RedLinia | Waterfalls

Tiffany Falls Conservation Area, Hamilton

Tiffany Falls is a 21-metre-high ribbon (height is greater than width) waterfall located in the Tiffany Falls Conservation Area
| RedLinia | Waterfalls

Hilton Falls Conservation Area, ON

Hilton Falls is an outdoors experience and has little bit of everything from lush hiking trails, Old Mill ruins, lakeside trails, and gorgeous Hilt...
| RedLinia | Waterfalls

Montmorency Falls, QC

Higher than Niagara Falls, the impressive Montmorency Falls stand 272 feet (83 meters) tall and serve as the centerpiece of Montmorency Falls Park ...
| RedLinia | Waterfalls

Dundas Peak, ON

Dundas Peak is a beautiful lookout with breathtaking views of the Dundas Valley. This viewpoint is now considered one of the most popular spots in ...
| RedLinia | Nature & Parks

Algonquin Park, ON

The essence of Algonquin is in its vast interior of maple hills, rocky ridges, and thousands of lakes.
| RedLinia | Nature & Parks

Belfountain Conservation Area, ON

A nature trail spans the river gorge using a suspension bridge
| RedLinia | Sights & Landmarks

Letchworth State Park, NY

Scenic waterfall and cliffs. Massive park with 66 miles of hiking trails, rafting & more. Often called "Grand Canyon of the East,"
| RedLinia | Nature & Parks

Robert H. Treman State Park, NY

Gorge with scenic waterfalls with hiking trails and camping area.
| RedLinia | Nature & Parks


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