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Princess Falls, Hamilton

Princess Falls is a 7-metre ribbon/plunge waterfall found near the Chedoke Radial Trail in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Best viewed after a heavy rain or snow melt.

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Small falls framed by two large mounds of layered bedrock. Normally there is not much waterflow and don't just go visit one waterfall. Just follow east of Chedoke Radial trail to enjoy scenic views and see more waterfalls on a way. 

Also you can get atop of a waterfall, by following path from parking lot down to Lang’s Creek.to explore erroded rocks. 

From the parking lot look for the entrance to the Bruce Trail and the Chedoke Radial Trail, then follow the combined trails eastward for about five minutes to Upper Princess Falls. 

The Upper and Lower sections are separated by the Chedoke Radial Trail.

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Know the regulations and special concerns for the area you'll visit, leave what you find, respect nature, enviroment and wildlife!

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