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The Screaming Heads of Midlothian,ON

Summer and fall, check out the outdoor art exhibit that’s a must-see in the Almaguin Highlands north of Muskoka.

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The Screaming Heads is the project of Peter Camani, an art teacher at Almaguin Highlands Secondary School. Peter has spent approximately fifteen years working on this project. His property is quite vast, 84 sculptures scattered along 310 acres and occupying both sides of the road. Located at Midlothian Castle, The Screaming Heads is an outdoor art exhibit that is open and free to everyone.

The castle, a former derelict farmhouse, is guarded by a fire-breathing dragon which sits on the chimney and emits smoke whenever the fireplace is used. Gargoyles sit atop a fence surrounding the castle. Scattered throughout the property are more than a hundred sculptures created over a 30 year period, each one is approximately 20 feet high and can weighs as much as 30 tons."

Midlothian Castle also hosts an annual Harvest Festival in the fall and the colours would be amazing.


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